now is the winter of our skin content part I

Don’t let Old Man Winter wage war on your skin. Protect against the season’s severe elements with these tips from Sarah Galusha, Director of Marketing, The Hain Celestial Group, Inc.

How does skin’s reaction to cold weather differ from other times of the year?  WKLB.Winter Skin.Avalon Organics

Cold winter air tends to be drier which can dry out skin and hair.  Exposure to cold outdoor temperatures and wind can quickly parch and chap skin.  In addition, frequently moving between extremely cold temperatures and then warmer indoor temperatures puts additional stress on skin.

What’s the best way to keep skin from getting too dry?

Moisturize a lot!  Moisturizing is particularly effective when done immediately after bathing, washing your hands or washing your face.  When skin is slightly damp, it more effectively absorbs hydration from creams, lotions and gels.   Look for rich, emollient creams like the Alba Botanica® Very Emollient™ Body Lotions (link to You should also avoid harsh soaps that strip the skin and instead look for gentle cleansers that contain moisturizing ingredients such as WKLB.Winter Skin.Albabotanical oils.  For your body, the JASON® Foaming Shower Oils (link to provide a luxurious lather that washes skin clean while leaving it soft and hydrated.  For the face, cleansing milks, like the Avalon Organics® Intense Defense Cleansing Milk (link to, clean effectively without stripping away essential hydration.

Tackle winter skin with these:

WKLB.Groh.Winter SkinGroh’s organic products are all natural and 100% vegan. The Ergo Boost Hair & Scalp Conditioning Treatment hydrates and nourishes the scalp with Moroccan Argan Oil, Lavender, and Sweet Almond Oil while delivering micronutrients to protect from stress and damage. The Ergo Boost Skin Repair Treatment is rich in antioxidants and vitamin D2 to work to repair and stimulate collagen production. The Skin Recharge Bar gently cleanses to reveal smooth, glowing skin. (Available at

The LUSH bragging rights include ethical campaigns, fighting animal testing, and charitable givings, just to name a few. Gear up for winter with Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, featuring almond and Argan oilsWKLB.Lush.Ultrabalm.Winter Skin to moisturize, leaving skin soft and rose-scented. The cult favorite Ultrabland face cleanser uses honey and beeswax to remove make up and dirt, leaving a soft finish. The Breath of Fresh Air toner uses seawater and seaweed to cleanse and soften. And Ultrabalm is a vegan alternative to beeswax–the all-purpose balm locks in moisture. (Available at

The pura d’or hair care line includes the Scalp Therapy Shampoo, which uses argan, tea tree, and cedarwood oil to relieve itching and scalp flaking. The Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo uses a gentle formula fortified with B vitamin complex, biotin, nettles extract, and more to aid against hair loss. And the Healing Conditioner soothes and adds shine without adding weight or buildup. (Available at

WKLB.Winter Skin.Erno LaszloErno Laszlo’s new Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask delivers moisture and vital nutrients (such as Prickly Pear and Brown Algae) while you sleep. The Oil Control Cleansing Bar eliminates excess oil and boosts cell renewal in a non-abrasive formula. (Available at (link to

Peter Thomas Roth Strawberry Scrub uses strawberry skin, pulp, juice, and seeds, packing vitamin C, manganese, and potassium to nourish the skin for a revitalized appearance. (Available at (link to